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Lloyd and Meredith | 202 Chestnut St. | Atlantic, IA  50022 | 712-243-5520

About us . . .

Lloyd and Meredith began business in 1882. Things have changed considerably since the early days of selling windmills and coal!

Grain bins and related equipment have played an important role in the business since the 1960’s.  For the past 20+ years, Lloyd and Meredith has sold augers throughout the state and has maintained one of the largest auger inventories in the state. We offer delivery of augers and grain bins statewide, as well as into Nebraska and Missouri.

For all your grain storage and handling needs

In 2011, Lloyd and Meredith opened a branch retail store near Spencer, Iowa, to expand its product availability to customers in and around Northwest Iowa. This facility is located 1 mile south of Spencer, Iowa, on Hwy 71. Stop in and meet our store manager Wiley Hand! All of the products available for sale at the Atlantic, Iowa, location can be purchased at/through the Spencer, Iowa location.

Lloyd and Meredith

  • GSI and MFS Grain Bin Sales and Erection
  • Baldor Motors
  • Augers to lengths over 102’
  • Portable and Drive-Over Hoppers
  • Bin Unloads and Sweep Augers
  • Bin Sheets, Floor Supports, Roof Vents
  • Numerous sizes of Fans and Heaters
  • Grain Spreaders
  • Dual Drive Remote Control Hopper Mover
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Sprayers and Spray Parts​

Lloyd and Meredith